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Data fusion is a big data approach that involves unifying and analyzing disparate large data sets. It is projected to become a 15 billion market by 2022. While there are many applications in the commercial sector, data fusion is also widely used by the military in the field of intelligence, where there is a vital need in fusing tremendous amounts of data collected by various sensors into an operable information.

A recent strategic partnership offers new enterprise data fusion solutions. Envorso, specializing in business transformation, has joined forces with Signafire Technologies, a fusion and content analysis company, to offer new technologies. Sometimes military experience can translate directly into the business world. Founded by veterans of the United States’ military, Signafire leverages the same technologies used by special operations forces and intelligence agencies to support rapid collection and intelligent analysis of unified data sets, enabling businesses to seize opportunities and mitigate risks in real time. Connecting billions of structured and unstructured data sources from private and public sources, Signafire allows safety analysts to detect threats and mitigate risk in real-time.

The joint offering will help customers use structured, unstructured, and 3rd party data to drive efficiency, ensure safety, and mitigate risk across product lines, according to the announcement on

“Signafire’s fusion technology has demonstrated itself to be a game-changing platform for large companies looking to use data as a force for business transformation,” says Envorso CEO, Adrian Balfour. “We are confident that this partnership will provide a powerful platform.”