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Emergency responders rely on real-time and accurate information for enhanced situational awareness and safety. Now they will be able to have better information about the places they are dispatched to. HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, has joined together with Motorola Solutions to equip public safety responders with detailed venue maps for enhanced situational awareness.

The comprehensive digital map coverage goes beyond the road network. It includes the “spaces between the roads and streets” – shopping malls, corporate campuses, hospitals, universities, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, museums, apartments, airports, train stations, and more.

Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Aware software, used by public safety command centers, integrates HERE Technologies’ venue maps to guide first responders to the right locations, while adapting to dynamic events in real-time. Adding building mapping intelligence will equip command centers with better information so that they can coordinate faster, and provide more accurate responses when seconds matter.

Before entering a building, police, fire and EMS personnel can automatically access the latest authorized venue map of the building to know the best entrance and fastest route to someone in need. Venue maps also include the locations of fire extinguishers, defibrillators, and medical kits on-premise for quick access.

Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Aware aggregates and integrates streaming video, geospatial data, real-time alerts, resource tracking, analytics, voice, computer-aided dispatch and records information so public safety command center staff can communicate actionable intelligence to field responders, according to  

The system will provide the public safety community with a layer of real-time information that will aid in the speed and safety of first responders.