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A new system provides live video calls and pinpoint location capabilities to 911 centers across the US. The next-Generation 911 plugin c-Lite works in conjunction with an agency’s legacy call handling software to provide NG911 capabilities without the necessity of integration with existing systems. The developers claim their advanced platform slashes time to dispatch by 65% – and that makes all the difference for the survivors.

The system, developed by the Israeli company Carbyne, specializing in emergency communication platforms, provides Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with precise location services, pinpointing callers even indoors; real-time video streaming; and live chat with callers in situations where verbal communication may be untenable, according to

The system ensures times to dispatch drops while information flow to First Responders improves. “Being able to find 911 callers sooner and being able – if necessary – to track them while they are moving, and being able to observe, – if necessary – their actual activity through their smartphone camera in real time, has the potential to be game-changing,” said  Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardyof from Ocean County, where the system was recently deployed.

“The demand for c-Lite has been tremendous,” said Eyal Elyashiv, COO-USA for Carbyne. “Emergency response agencies have been eager to adopt Next Generation 911 for quite some time but have been unable to do so for various reasons. When PSAP decision-makers find out they can get NG911 functionality in an easy to implement, affordable plugin without risk to current operational flows, their interest is immediately piqued.”