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Emergency mobile communications technology developed by an Israeli company is being used by rescue teams working to save 12 teenagers and their coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.

The lack of communication between first responders has been a challenging problem. Shortly after the boys went missing, the Thai naval special forces contacted Maxtech Networks’ agent in Thailand. The company engineer equipped with 17 of the company’s emergency Max-Mesh radio units, without charge, immediately arrived at the site to help train the first responders how to use the technology, according to

Maxtech’s device looks like a simple walkie-talkie, but has sophisticated software algorithms that allow users to communicate with each other up to more than 3 kilometers.

According to the company, “any country in the world that has a rescue team needs to have such a system in their hands. It’s not a matter of choice, it’s a matter of saving lives”.

The Max mesh professional mobile radio is a software layer that effectively combines the advantages of fixed mesh and mobile dynamic ad-hoc networks, based on the end unit for voice, data and video applications, according to the company website.

The system automatically adapts to varying network conditions, degrees of client mobility, and relevant RF environmental conditions on a packet-by-packet basis, creating a virtual infrastructure with a powerful, ad-hoc, self-healing and self-routing multi-user network.

These features, along with a very effective bandwidth allocation method, enable the deployment and operation of true mesh networks with high performance and low costs.

The max mesh core is a breakthrough software algorithm that enables all mobile radios and communication devices to become part of a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET). The technology is centered on an optimized and proven hybrid routing algorithm that combines both proactive and reactive routing techniques to enable a highly scalable network solution.