New Application Will Alert When Emergency Vehicle is Approaching


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A new service, Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V), protects first responders and motorists by delivering real-time alerts to drivers and connected cars via smartphone apps and in-vehicle systems when emergency vehicles are nearby and on-scene. HAAS Alert, a startup whose mission is to make roadways safer, is one of the first applications approved for use on FirstNet (US First Responder Network Authority).

The new alert service warns motorists and cars when emergency vehicles are approaching and on-scene. It reduces the potential for dangerous and costly collisions involving emergency vehicles and apparatuses. It sends real-time notifications to distracted drivers providing them ample time to yield.

After passing FirstNet’s rigorous App Review Process, the solution can now be found in the App Catalog which is exclusively for public safety entities that subscribe to FirstNet services. It features apps for the first responder community, giving public safety a dedicated location to find meaningful new, solutions, according to the company announcement.

The company said their availability in the FirstNet App Catalog indicates their strong commitment to providing cellular-enabled safety alerts to drivers throughout the United States.

HAAS Alert service is already integrated with and delivers proactive safety notifications to Waze users. Integration with other popular navigation apps and in-car systems with major automotive brands is also on the way. Within the next couple of years, HAAS Alert will be sending real-time alerts to millions of drivers on a daily basis.  

“Through our work with first responders, we heard their need for innovative applications to assist with their lifesaving mission. FirstNet is helping to address these needs, and we are pleased to welcome HAAS Alert’s app to the FirstNet App Catalog,” said Mark Golaszewski, Director of Technology and Innovation, First Responder Network Authority.