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DJI has teamed up with thermal imaging specialists FLIR to launch a new two-lensed camera system. The double-eyed drone enables drones to break new ground in infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture, firefighting, and search and rescue applications.  

The Zenmuse XT2 is both an optical and a thermal imaging camera. The two lenses enable the camera to capture heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye while also providing a 4K video feed for data capture and situational awareness.

Although the dual-vision has many potential uses, from inspecting solar farms to detecting hazardous materials, it has obvious advantages in emergency rescue.

The onboard software includes two intelligent flight modes to assist first responders. These include Spotlight Pro, which allows the pilot to focus on flying while the camera automatically keeps the hottest object, or a specified area, in its sights.

For infrastructure inspections or emergencies involving hazardous materials, the Temp Alarm feature analyses thermal data from above in real-time and alerts the operator when an object’s temperature goes above a designated limit.

DJI has also released a new Payload Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables developers to build specialized platforms for any industrial purpose.