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The US State Department approved to market the Mako High-Performance Jet Tactical Unmanned Aerial System to certain European and Asia Pacific region countries. The UAS provides fighter-like performance and is designed to function as a wingman to manned aircraft as a force multiplier in contested airspace, or be deployed independently or in groups of UAS.  

The Mako is a highly maneuverable unmanned aircraft, capable of carrying and operating weapons and advanced sensor systems, which has flown in multiple large-scale military exercises and could soon be put into production for combat use.

The aircraft is manufactured by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, which works with most of these recently State Department approved nations on other programs, contracts, systems and products across the corporation, including certain existing Kratos High-Performance Unmanned Aerial Target Drone customers.  

Last October, the company completed a Mako multi-UAS demonstration mission as part of a larger military exercise. The multi-UAS demonstration leveraged the recent test flight series previously conducted in preparation for this integrated operational demonstration, which featured a range of Mako’s multi-UAS autonomous capabilities.  Mako capabilities demonstrated included manned/unmanned collaborative operations, according to

The company’s jet aerial target systems support the US military and foreign ally military customers/users, with its primary customers including the US Air Force, Navy, and Army. Kratos is also currently under contract on multiple high-performance jet powered tactical unmanned aerial drone systems, reports