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A new munition product addressing the less-lethal market was recently launched. The patented technology allows for delivering a significantly greater kinetic energy in a way that is both safe and cost-effective for law enforcement and corrections.  

Security Devices International (SDI) announced the release of its ground-breaking 40mm Collapsible Head Impact Projectile round, the CHIP, which incorporates the patented collapsible head technology used in its 40mm Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP).

The CHIP’s modular design and ease of assembly suit it ideally for licensing of manufacturing and distribution in targeted geographic regions.

According to, the collapsible polymer head absorbs kinetic energy. The impact is spread over a larger surface area for maximum pain compliance while causing less injury. The operational range of the munition is less than 2 meters, up to 70 meters, and the optimum long/short ranges allow for only one round to be used vs. two rounds from competitors.

In third-party testing according to newly-released NATO AEP-99 Thorax Injury Risk Assessment of Less-Lethal Projectiles, the CHIP proved safe at all ranges from 0 to 80 meters.

In its announcement on, the company evaluated that the munition is a real game-changer in the highly competitive market for less-lethal munitions increasingly demanded by law enforcement and corrections around the globe.