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The growing use of cheap and accessible commercial drones and the involvement of terrorist and criminal actors have been increasing the threat to security in this field. The rise in incidents of drones violating the airspace of airports globally and in Israel and their approachment to civilian aircraft proves that there is an urgent need in regulation.

On January 1st, a national task force slated to deal with safety and security issues connected to drones in Israel was established during a meeting of the Knesset’s State Control Committee.

The task force, which will have its own dedicated budget and human resources from the defense budget, will be led by the air force, and include the Operations and Technological Directorates and MAFAT. Its activity will be coordinated with the police, the Israel Security Agency and other agencies.

The task force has been given six months to determine operating procedures, according to

The move was unveiled at a meeting of the Knesset’s State Control Committee which gathered to discuss the national preparedness regarding the defense against the drone threat.

The discussions came over the backdrop of the State Comptroller’s report published in November 2017, which exposed shortcomings in Israel’s response to the drone threat originating from cross-border terrorism and from unregulated domestic use.  See article about the Comptroller’s Report