Israel’s New ‘Computerized’ Arbel Firing System for Light Weapons

screenshot from IWI video

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Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) recently announced a new, first-of-its-kind “computerized small arms system” that is designed for more accurate firing during combat.

The Arbel system consists of a computer-based platform, an upgraded electronic trigger mechanism with sensors, a new firing mode, and a removable battery. It is designed to be mounted on different weapons, and once the weapon is set to “Arbel” mode the system monitors the movement and trigger status of the shooter, detecting the cadence of the shooter and releasing rounds when they have the best chance of hitting their target, this according to the company. The system also reportedly has lithium batteries with up to 60 hours of operation without needing to recharge.

According to Breaking Defense, the company explained that infantry faces many challenges on the battlefield (fatigue, accelerated breathing, impaired motor functions) that may benefit from a system that “not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” in the words of IWI Executive Vice-President Ronen Hamudot.

IWI has reportedly been working on the system for almost a decade and chose to release it now in light of the increased threat of small drones, saying it fits the modern battlefield very well.

During the demonstration of the system, an operator fired at various targets, including at a drone around 80 meters in the distance, which was taken down. The company demonstrated how the weapons using the system put more rounds into a pre-defined box at a certain range than those that were not using it.

IWI does not describe it as exactly a fire control system, but it emphasizes the increase in accuracy and says the system can be used with different weapons. Hamudot concluded by stating he expects the company will “redefine the abilities of light weapons worldwide.”