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Special forces all over the world replace their weapons in new models in order to customize them to anti-terror warfare.

In the past, such units used standard weapons of the military forces, but now things changed and all the special forces units chose weapons specifically designed for counter-terror warfare.

The competition within the weapons manufacturers is intense as each such purchase serves as an excellent promoter.

Now, the German special forces are renewing their assault rifle arsenal. Heckler & Koch has won the tender to provide the German Special Commando Forces (KSK) and the German Naval Special Commando Forces with the new HK416 A7 assault rifle.

The new assault rifle which will be called the G95 is expected to be introduced by the Special Forces in early 2019.

The HK416 A7 replaces the long-serving G36 K as the standard weapon for the German Special Forces. The HK416 A7 is a 5.56 mm x 45 NATO calibre gas operated weapon with a 14.5″ barrel and weighs around 3.7 kg. The new weapon impresses with its high precision, secure function and reliability. according to the company’s website.

The contract is for a total of 1,745 HK417 A7 including accessories. There will be more technical testing of the firearm already in November 2017. According to, there are no details what the new model “A7” incorporates in comparison with other models like the A5. However, the blog says to get a little longer back-up sight, it seems the A7 is getting a quick-release iron sight and folding front sight mounted on the barrel.