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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems displayed for the first time a triple add-on package mounted on the Oshkosh Defense JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) light utility/combat multi-role vehicle, which is a future vehicle of the USMC and US Army, During AUSA 2017 (Association of the US Army annual meeting) in Washington DC.

JLTV is equipped with the SAMSON Dual Weapon Station and the M230 LF (30 mm) single-barrel automatic gun. According to Rafael, the system has already been integrated on thousands of fielded ground and naval platforms in over 25 countries. The SAMSON RWS (Remote Weapon Station) can be armed with various types of weapons, according to customers’ needs.

According to, the version showcased at AUSA 2017 is equipped with the M230 LF 30mm automatic gun manufactured by Orbital ATK. It is a battle-proven system used by AH-64 APACHE/GUARDIAN assault helicopters all over the world.

A third element of Rafael’s presentation mounted on the JLTV is the TROPHY LV light APS (360º protection), which is suitable for lighter, tactical vehicles.

A brigade of more than 80 Abrams tanks belonging to the US military are expected to be deployed to Europe in 2020 armed with Israel’s Trophy active-protection system to counter the growing threat from Russia. According to a report by, US Army officials made the comments at the AUSA exhibition. See article.

Raytheon is showcasing at AUSA exhibition its US variant of the Israeli Iron Dome missile defence solution, known as the Skyhunter, to the US Army, according to The US military has been reportedly considering the purchase of the system. This is the first time the system is exposed in the US mounted on a vehicle.

IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) is also showcasing at the exhibition a variety of systems that some of them are already in use by the US.