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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is exposing a new remotely operated weapon system. The Samson Dual M230LF will be demonstrated on an Oshkosh Defense JLTV armored fighting vehicle (AFV), together with a derivative of the active armored shield protection system Trophy for light vehicles.

photo: Rafael

The new system is designed to fulfill the needs of the US Marines and ground forces, which include low-intensity warfare in urban environments and operations counter dismounted forces and armor units.

The new weapon system is installed and adapted to all types of AFVs and naval systems, and operates at all weather conditions and combat arenas in the world. Rafael’s similar systems have been combat proven by the IDF and other company customers worldwide.

According to the company’s announcement, the new Samson Dual M230LF system incorporates all the advanced capabilities of Rafael’s weapon stations with considerable improvements, including shielding that minimizes the vulnerability of the system at the battlefield and the ability to load ammunition from within the AFV instead of externally, in a way that risks soldiers’ lives.

The system has two cannons – 30 mm and 7.62mm – which enable the operator to regulate the fire from the weapon station, depending on the target, and close the fire circle in a rapid and efficient manner.

Rafael, a world leader in the field of remotely operated weapon stations, has already supplied some 5400 such systems to various customers around the world.