US Army Resumes Contract With Command and Control Provider

command and control

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Comtech Telecommunications Corp.‘s Command & Control Technologies group has been awarded contract modifications for $4.2 million. The modifications are part of a five-year sustainment support contract for the U.S. Army’s Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC) Blue Force Tracking (BFT-1) program.

BFT-1 is a battle command, real-time situational awareness and control system. Under the five-year BFT-1 sustainment contract, Comtech performs engineering services, satellite network operations and program management.

“We’re pleased that our Army customer recognizes the value of Comtech’s services,” Fred Kornberg, president and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp told “Comtech is committed to providing the troops with the highest level of support to enable them to complete their missions.” Blue Force Tracking systems consist of a computer, used to display location information, a satellite terminal and satellite antenna, used to transmit location and other military data, a GPS receiver (to determine its own position), command-and-control software and mapping software, usually in the form of a geographic information system (GIS) that plots the BFT device on a map.

The system displays the location of the host vehicle on the computer’s terrain-map display, along with the locations of other platforms (friendly in blue, and enemy in red) in their respective locations.The device can also be used to send and receive text and imagery messages, and Blue Force Tracking has a mechanism for reporting the locations of enemy forces and other battlefield conditions (for example, the location of mine fields, battlefield obstacles or bridges that are damaged.)

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