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More and more law enforcement agencies prefer smart weapons as a less lethal solution for the use of force in public safety missions. Conducted electrical weapons are some of these devices.

Axon announced that it had recently received multiple orders for its TASER X26P and TASER X2 Smart Weapons.

According to, the Smart Weapons offer a less-lethal intermediate use of force response. The complete system includes the company’s body-worn and in-car cameras that collect video evidence to capture the truth of an incident; their mobile applications enable simple evidence collection. The secure cloud-based digital evidence management solution allows officers and command staff to manage, review, share and process digital evidence using forensic, redaction, transcription, and other tools.

According to Axon’s website, the TASER X26P is their smallest and most compact Smart Weapon, and its ergonomically designed handle is made with ease of performance in mind. The new XPPM helps protect the cartridge blast doors from damage during field use, and the new forward-facing design makes for more efficient reload. With its compact size and familiar shape, the TASER X26P can be conveniently carried. Similar to previous generations of TASER weapons, the TASER X26P is a single-shot device that does not require replacing inventories of cartridges.

The TASER X2 was developed with agencies’ most requested features in mind, and includes features such as a backup shot and a warning arc to increase voluntary surrenders and protect life in the field.

“Our mission is to make a TASER CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) available to every officer, so they have the best options available to avoid injury or death. When we built the TASER Smart Weapon, our engineers had three thoughts in mind: safety, accountability, and performance,” says Rick Smith, Axon CEO and co-founder.