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Nowadays, body camera footage is essential for any proper execution of a security mission. It is a rarity to find a police officer not adoring a body camera. How about a body camera enhanced with AI? The next generation of the AI body camera VEMO was launched by Iveda and Clearview Asset Protection. The device is integrated with IvedaAI intelligent video search technology, featuring face recognition, license plate recognition, object search and other AI functions. VEMO can stream directly into the IvedaAI platform for real-time video analytics.

Using 4G, VEMO streams live video to headquarters and doubles as a walkie-talkie with push-to-talk feature (PTT). PTT allows communication from the bodycam to headquarters or to other VEMO devices in the same group.

The device is WiFi-enabled which is ideal for city-wide deployments. This saves the city cellular data cost where WiFi infrastructure exists. 

The camera will be 5G ready when the network is widely available.

It can serve criminal justice practitioners, first responders, public safety professionals and the general public. Applications beyond law enforcement include remote site surveys, medical, health and safety applications, etc. It may also be used as in-vehicle surveillance for taxi and rideshare services.

Iveda recently joined the Emergency Response Training and Certification Association (ERTCA) to develop new standardized applications for the public safety industry, along with more than 20 other member organizations.

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