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Israel’s Ministry of Defence’s (Mod) procurement administration will purchase combat systems from the Israeli security sector at an estimate of 1.5 Billion NIS (420 Million USD). The transactions will be completed by the end of 2017 and will include systems for missile defense, electronic warfare, command and control, communication, navigation and more. The main aim is to complete the manufacturing of these systems prior to the arrival of the new ships to Israel, from 2019’s beginning.

Protecting the “Economical Waters” is an Israeli project which includes, besides the acquirement of 4 German ships, major acquirement of warfare systems from the Israeli security sector at a sum of 1.5 Billion NIS (420 Million USD), half of the total project’s budget approved by the government. The procurement administration insisted that that most of the systems acquired will be locally-made, helping the local security sector flourish and keeping hundreds of jobs in Israel.

According to the MoD’s press release, in the recent days the unit of the deputy commander of the procurement administration for sea and air has completed two tenders: Astronautics won the tender for developing and supplying a navigation data-distribution system for the Saar 6 ships. The system developed by the company will collect all the navigational data, using sensors on the ships and using a software for data combination will supply the best navigational data. Rafael won the tender to develop communication systems – the internal and external communications for the ships.