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Robotics company Sarcos has developed the Guardian S – a rugged, waterproof snakebot that’s capable of shimmying across virtually any type of terrain, through thin pipes, and up stairs and can even rear up like a cobra, or crawl directly up walls, courtesy of its magnetized body, according to

A premier surveillance and inspection robot, it is cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 13 lbs. It reliably traverses challenging terrain and facilitates two-way, real-time video, voice and data communication, all from a safe distance, according to the company’s website.

The Guardian S snakebot is able to do this thanks to its unique design. While many previous robotics solutions have been designed with a two-track, tank-like configuration, the Guardian S utilizes forward and rear tracks and an articulated center section that provides much greater mobility. It can run for up to 18 hours, and is controlled using a video game-style controller.

As it travels, Guardian S gathers data using its various sensors, which include infrared, radiation, gas and vibration detection, GPS, accelerometer, 3D mapping, and 360-degree video with low-light capabilities.

The company’s Chairman and CEO Ben Wolff noted that the Guardian S is designed for operational purposes. Those might be applications including SWAT, explosive ordinance disposal, hazardous materials, fire, or disaster recovery — basically any scenario in which it’s not safe or desirable to deploy a human being.

Sarcos is not cheap, with the base price coming in at $60,000, and further customization costing extra. The company is additionally considering a $2,000 per month price tier, which would include upgrades, training, and the like. The Guardian S will commence shipping (or should we say “slithering”) in August.