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The Iranian tactical unmanned aerial vehicle Mohajer-6 was showcased recently. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani unveiled the Mohajer-6 UAV and the domestic training jet Kosar, the anti-ship cruise missile Nasir and the air-to-air missile Fakour in an exhibition displaying the achievements of the Iranian Defense Ministry, according to

The Mohjer-6 is the newest drone of the famous Iranian Mohajer UAV family, reports The Iranian Mohajer-4 UAV have been successfully used during conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and allegedly in Lebanon.

The Mohajer-6 got a longer wingspan and a bigger size. It is also can be in the air longer than the previous version Mohajer-4. The Mohajer-6 also has a fixed landing gear a common feature for the Mohajer UAV family and the same electro-optical day-night capable system that the Mohajer-4 has (allegedly made by Rayan Rushed).

In the official presentation video, the Mohajer-6 appears to be armed with tow guided projectile of an unknown type. It is the first UAV of the Mohajer family that is armed with a guided weapon system.