Startup Festival and Startup Live Competition Coming Up Next Week!

startup festival

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Meet the investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and media at the startup festival and Startup Live competition on March 29th!

Next week, dozens of startups from various technological fields, selected from the leading accelerators in Israel, will arrive at the festival and present pitches on their innovations at the event organized by the media and conference company iHLS.

10 startups from the presenters during the day will be selected for the Startup Live Competition.

The winner will win two flight tickets, accommodation, and entrance to the annual exclusive Pioneers Festival, the largest startup festival in Europe, which has been taking place in Vienna for the last decade, and participation in the European incubation program Global Incubator Network (GIN) – a single contact-point for startups, investors, and incubators interested in exposure to the thriving European and Austrian markets: connecting with experts and investors, gaining valuable insights and meeting like-minded people.

On the program:

  • Keynote lectures by leading experts.
  • Startup pitches on the main stage.
  • Exhibition – accelerators and startups avenue.
  • In the evening – crazy party of all the ecosystem, at LIGHThouse Club, Hanger 23, Tel Aviv Port

At the investor panel you will be able to meet: Esther Barak from Nielsen Innovate, Uri Weinheber from The Time, Cecile Blilious from Impact First Investments, Joshua Levinberg from JAL, Sarit Piron from Cerca, Inon Axel from Cyrus Angel Fund

The competition judges: Eyal Waldman from Melanox, Rubi Suliman from PwC, Giora Inbar from Ofaki Denish, Amiram Levinberg from JAL, Nava Swersky Sofer from IDCBeyond, IDC Herzliya, Lior Weizman from IBM and Motti Peer from Blonde 2.0.

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