In-Theater Situational Awareness Enhanced by New Data Link Tech

situational awareness

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Engility has developed a new data link offering to aid interoperability, situational awareness and connectivity for in-theater operations.

According to the company’s statement on its website, its new Tactical Data Link (TDL) Lite for Android and Windows brings a streamlined and responsive user interface, reliable connectivity and functional support to in-theater operations through a user-friendly platform that is native for next-generation forces.

The new development addresses size, weight and power requirements of military customers for the use of such technology in adverse environments in the following ways:

Rightsized and ruggedized – Meets the size, weight and power (SWaP) needs for use in adverse environments by providing a small robust platform with a long battery life to support in-field missions.

Greater efficiency – Android and Windows devices are readily available, and users, particularly next-gen military, are familiar with them, resulting in reduced training time and lower training costs.

User friendly – The simple graphical user interface allows operators to configure the system quickly and easily. Android and Windows platforms natively support GPS and other location/motion sensor functionality needed in mission operations.

“This new TDL Lite option is just the latest example of how our team of experts relentlessly drives operational improvements and innovation to support our JRE community’s mission and to strengthen homeland defense and global security,” said Engility CEO Lynn Dugle.