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FoxFury Lighting Solutions recently announced its new Taker R40 shield light for police, military and security forces. The shield is a powerful lighting tool that assists safe and effective ways to control crowds and help keep the peace.

FoxFury has been a lighting industry leader offering shield lights since 2005. Its ballistic shield lights have been used in over 46 countries to help law enforcement and military to preserve peace and gain an upper hand in dangerous situations.

“The Taker R40 is designed to keep the officer or operator and the public safe. It is a nonlethal, lifesaving and effective lighting tool that helps control those who are putting themselves and other persons and property at risk,” said Mario Cugini, FoxFury Lighting Solutions CEO .

At 700 lumens, the light is powerful enough to be uncomfortable for people to look at. This provides a tactical advantage as it gets instigating individuals to painlessly and quickly conform. According to, the Taker R40 is unique in the aspect that it’s a self-contained shield light, specifically designed to fit on the inside of clear, concave riot shields. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery system. Additional power packs (sold separately) can be swapped in when needed.

As mentioned previously, FoxFury Lighting Solutions, originally formed their reputation in the lighting industry and have since then widened their array of abilities. Currently, they have recruited their experience in favor of the security sector, forming lighting solutions for extreme situations.

The Taker R40 is an excellent example which shows how relevant and useful light has become as a tool for law enforcement.