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China will strengthen its cooperation ties with the Latin American and Caribbean region in the political, economic, development, military and anti-terrorism fields, the Chinese government said in a policy paper.

According to sputniknews, the document said China will carry out military exchanges and set up defense officials’ meetings with various countries from the region, as well as conduct professional exchanges related to security.

China’s policy paper on Latin America and the Caribbean says “China will… deepen professional exchanges in such fields as military training, personnel training and UN peacekeeping, expand pragmatic cooperation in humanitarian relief, counter-terrorism and other non-traditional security fields, and enhance cooperation in military trade and military technology,”

The course for strengthening cooperation included holding discussions on boosting inter-regional trade and the formation of a Pacific free trade area, as well as boosting financial cooperation, loans, joint raw material exploration efforts and technical and engineering work related to infrastructural and manufacturing projects.

Economic cooperation covered by the paper also covers agriculture, science and technology, space and energy. A number of measures aims on boosting cooperation to tackle climate change and environmental concerns, improve disaster management, reduce poverty and encourage social development, as well as promote cultural exchanges, tourism and non-governmental exchanges were also outlined.

The Chinese government launched its first policy paper on Latin America and the Caribbean region in 2008 with the aim of developing a broad strategic approach to cooperation.