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iHLS Conference on Video Analytics today at Rishon LeZion was a great success. Hundreds of professionals and experts in this field participated in the professional and interesting conference, among them the Israel Police’s leading experts on technology, and the leading innovators from the IDF.

iHLS has been organizing the conference on video analytics for the 4th year.

Video Analytics technology identifies, documents and analyses video by electronic means. It helps users in missions of detection, identification of certain events of special interest, and identifiaction of behavior patterns on real time. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) identifies objects on movement according to variou parameters, such as size and form.


Video analytics is one of the most effective tools in today’s security industry, while offering various applications on the civilian commercial sphere.


During the conference, the speakers from the ranks of the IDF and the leading companies in the field in Israel and in the world, presented fascinating examples to the technology’s vast array of applications, including:

  • The IDF experience in detecting and analyzing video content, such as the ability to identify rockets concealed in a heavily populated urban area. The differences between the military and civilian requirements were also discussed
  • Using video analytics at rural settlements, when a camera that consists of all the analytical and reporting capabilities is an advantage
  • Commercial applications, such as monitoring consumers behavior or the amount of people entering a shopping center from a certain entrance, in order to gain commercial value from the data
  • Various methods were presented regarding the grouping of the visual data according to subject, as well as self learning analytics
  • Various applications of biometrics in video analytics – when the object is documented and analyzed separatedly or when it is on interaction with its environment (specific signature)


One of the messages emphasized by a few of the lecturers was the importance of sharing and crowds wisdom in this field: companies should share meta-data with colleagues in the industry in order to increase the size of the data bases of users, cameras and tagged objects, for the benefit of the development of the entire video analytics eco-system.