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Russian Sukhoi Su-33 air superiority fighters based on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will be outfitted with an ultra-precision targeting system, known as the SVP-24, Izvestia reported citing an unnamed source in the Russian Defense Ministry. The aircraft carrier is scheduled to be deployed to the Syrian shores in November.  

The targeting system enables the warplanes to drop unguided bombs with same precision as a guided weapon.

According to Defense World, the Su-33s outfitted with the Gefest & T developed SVP-24 will launch strikes using dumb bombs, an official was quoted as saying to Sputnik News. The system is tasked with determining the optimal trajectory for the release of a bomb, using the plane’s location, flight parameters and target data. It has already performed during Russia’s counterterrorism campaign in Syria.

The system is a viable alternative to GPS-guided munition popular in the West. Moreover, the Russian solution is cheaper than similar products developed elsewhere.

The SVP-24 compares the position of the aircraft and the target and measures the environmental parameters, including humidity, windspeed, angle of attack, etc. It can receive additional data from AWAC aircraft, ground stations and other planes, US military analyst  explained on The Saker blog. The system then “computes an ‘envelope’ (speed, altitude, course) inside which the dumb bombs are automatically released exactly at the precise moment when their unguided flight will bring them right over the target (with a 3-5m accuracy),” the analysis added.

This conveys that every 30+ year old Russian ‘dumb’ bomb can now be delivered by a 30+ year old Russian aircraft with the same precision as a brand new guided bomb delivered by a top of the line latest bomber, the expert said.

Sputnik News adds that the Mikoyan MiG-29K 4++ generation multirole fighter aircraft recently added to the Admiral Kuznetsov’s roster are expected to use guided bombs and missiles against militant targets in Syria.