iHLS to Raise $20 Million for a Homeland Security Fund

iHLS to Raise $20 Million for a Homeland Security Fund

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iHLS is on the process of founding a unique fund which will make investments in start-ups at the security technology and homeland security sector.

The goal of the fund is to support start-ups that have been accepted to the iHLS accelerator, which is located at the Lighthouse complex in Ra’anana, the largest start-up complex in Israel.

The company will locate start-ups at the security and homeland security sector as well as dual technologies for the civilian and security spheres, and will examine investments in projects relevant to its field.

The fund will raise money from private and institutional investors in Israel and abroad, will invest it in the companies and help the start-ups to progress on the technological, commercial and marketing aspects.

It will focus on investments in groundbreaking technological developments on various subjects, including unmanned systems, intelligence, surveillance, cyber, sensors, the Internet of things (IOT), wearable technology, robotics, future forces technology, simulators, business continuity plan (BCP), communications, video analytics, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), big data, safe city, smart city, etc.

The companies that participate in the fund focus on the technology and security industry and on the Israeli thriving start-up industry.

iHLS, which operates the first security accelerator in the world, is a leading organization in Israel and globally in all aspects of homeland security.

Within less than four years, the company has become a center for knowledge, activity and cooperation for all relevant players in Israel and abroad. Leading world companies have joined the accelerator, including Reitheon, IAI, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ technology incubator, Verint, Herzog Fox Neeman law firm, and Lighthouse – Amos Talmor. iHLS accelerator Program Director is Tal Catran.

The accelerator partner companies provide expert support, direction and consulting to the start-ups and with a supportive ecosystem directed at the entrepreneur and security world, mentoring, and of course – vast international exposure via the various media channels, events and exhibitions of the company.

The information published in the company’s website reaches some 97,000 subscribers worldwide. It organizes conferences, cooperation with similar websites and TV networks abroad, organizes international courses on homeland security and has recently initiated a vast business activity encompassing the matching between Israeli and world parallel businesses, thanks to its widespread connections in these sectors.

It is evaluated that today, investors are more and more open to the technological innovation offered by the new companies within the homeland security sphere. This trend will advance the development of the market and will be manifested in the joining of many investors to the new fund.

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