Israeli Missile Defense System – A Model of National Defense

Israeli Missile Defense System – A Model of National Defense

Colonel Zvika Haimovich of the Israeli air defence corps stands in front of an Arrow II battery, a U.S.-backed Israeli missile shield, during an interview with Reuters at his base in Palmachim, south of Tel Aviv May 29, 2013. Israel tracks every heavy missile fired in the Syrian civil war, keen to study Damascus's combat doctrines and deployments and ready to fend off a feared first attack on its turf, Haimovich said on Thursday. To match Interview: SYRIA-CRISIS/ISRAEL-MISSILES Picture taken May 29, 2013. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

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By Arie Egozi

The Israeli multi-layered system for missile and rocket defense is built as right as can be and is used as a model for a national defense system from the increasing threat, a global expert in the field told iHLS in preparation for the upcoming Israel Air & Missile Defense conference which will be held next week at the LAGO conference center in Rishon LeZion.

The expert explained that the Israeli system is built in a “smart” way, which allows to use the right means, thus preventing inefficient use of resources.

The system is comprised of the Iron Dome system, David’s Sling system, Arrow 2 and Arrow 3. Each system is designed to address a specific kind of threat, or more accurately – several threats with similar features. Israel’s ability to launch the right interceptor towards a threat and backing it with an additional system is unique in the world. This causes great global interest, and brings many world-renowned experts to the conference, both Israeli and foreign.

The two operational systems – Rafael’s Iron Dome and IAI’s Arrow 2 – are receiving constant upgrades. The two new systems – Rafael’s David Sling and IAI’s Arrow 3 – will soon become operational. The fact the the Israeli Air Force controls every defense layer allows for an almost automatic choice of interceptor.

“Israel’s multi-layered system presents all the operational experience in the field, an experience that no other country in the world has,” the expert said.

Several countries in Europe and Asia feel the need for similar defense systems and are trying to find solutions to answer different political setbacks as well.

“If it weren’t for these setbacks, every country in the world would have stood in line to purchase the Israeli systems, which are the best of their kind in the world,” he said.

When talking about the different kinds of Israeli interception systems we must remember that each of these systems has radar systems with exceptional detection capability.

Particular details cannot be revealed but we can say that in that respect as well the system alert to every launch with surprising speed.

The air force is deploying this multi-layered system in such a way that offers Israel’s territory maximum protection coverage.

At the conference next week new details will be offered on the Israeli system as well as details about similar efforts by other countries who feel the need to protect themselves from the threat of rockets and long range missiles.

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