Missile Threat Brings Israel to Develop Multi-Layered Defense Tech

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Hezbollah currently has a stockpile of over 130,000 rockets, more than the combined arsenal of all NATO countries, with the exception of the United States. Hezbollah also has approximately 100,000 short-range rockets trained on schools, homes, and hospitals in northern Israel, which could potentially kill hundreds of civilians.

Hezbollah’s positioning of this weaponry in civilian areas poses a challenge to Israeli officers. Israeli military officials in May 2015 told the New York Times that Hezbollah has “moved most of its military infrastructure” in and around Shiite villages, which “amounts to using the civilians as a human shield.” One senior military official added that Lebanese civilians are “living in a military compound,” noting: “We will hit Hezbollah hard, while making every effort to limit civilian casualties as much as we can…We do not intend to stand by helplessly in the face of rocket attacks.”

This year’s Israeli Air Missile Defense Conference & Exhibition which will be held on June 27th has special significance: The threat of missiles all over the world is growing each day, and Israel is the leader of defense technologies – and for a good reason.

The missile threat is looming over Israel from many fronts, whether from the side of Hezbollah, supported by Iran, or by Iran itself, who is developing long term missiles and has already announced that its missiles can reach the range of over a thousand km. Developing missile defense systems, much like many of Israel’s defense technology, is a direct response to this threat.

Israel is currently the only country in the world that has a multi-layered anti-missiles system. Several layers are fully operational, and others are in the last steps of development.

That is why holding this conference in Israel is the most natural thing. No other country has been attacked by the latest missiles and rockets and has operated counter-measures against them.

The conference will host Israeli and foreign experts who will speak of the achievements of missile defense systems, of the ballistic threat in Israel and the world, and of the challenges and the technologies which can provide a solution and protection if and when it is needed.

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