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Top experts in defence and technology experts met last month to discuss issues of security in Africa. During the fourth National Security Symposium held at the RDF Command and Staff College in Rwanda, researchers, media professionals, politicians, and top security and defence experts joined forces to discuss how can Africa best avert and deal with the security challenges to come.

The symposium “focused on an African perspective to contemporary security challenges,” reports allAfrica. Deliberations sought to establish how to deal with these issues while minimising external interference and ending “the mindset where non-Africans believe they can dictate the continent’s affairs.”

Cyber security was a central topic of discussion, with speakers including Brig Gen (Rtd) Yair Cohen, former head of the IDF’s 8200 Unit. Dr Hamadoun Toure, Executive Director of the Rwanda- Based Smart African Initiative also spoke on matters of cyber security. Lt Col David Kanamugire, Head of Cyber Security at RDF College, joined Toure and Cohen in analysing the emerging cyber threats.

Terrorism also featured prominently in discussions, with Maj Gen Robert Kibochi from the Kenya Defense Forces sharing how Kenya’s experience in fighting terror can help all of Africa develop a coherent strategy.

A recurring theme during the three-day event was the need to emphasise African perspectives on the security issues plaguing the continent and developing African solutions to these problems. The symposium, participants hope, will help foster the growth of African security.

“We need to have our home grown solutions, own governance, own rule of law,” said Rwandan Minister for Justice Johnston Busingye.