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Will a dual use weapon system appeal to foreign customers of the Israeli defence industries?

The industries hope that it does and can open some big potential markets.

One example – In recent months Israel aerospace industries  (IAI) has been  demonstrating its Nimrod SR laser homing missile to to some air forces and armed forces.

The Nimrod SR is a version of the company’s LAHAT missile that is designed for use with aerial and ground launchers and from tank guns.

The Nimrod SR is homing-in on a laser spot, It has a range of 10 km when launched from a helicopter.

According to IAI , it can be supplied a variety of mission-customized warheads. The lightweight missiles and launcher do not adversely affect the helicopter’s effective mission time.

According to IAI the missile has been exported ”  in significant quantities ” to various customers.

IAI claims that the missile can be adapted to almost all helicopter types, even the lightest ones.

The system comprises IAI’s MOSP3000D observation payload with designation capabilities, a Weapons Control System (WCS) and two quad pack missile launchers.

The IAI laser guided missile is being evaluated since last year by Polish air force for its new helicopters.

IAI tries to prove that the tank round/ missile is a very good solution for some types of missions that require the operational flexibility mainly in low intensity warfare.

The trend to develop dual use weapons system has increased in recent years and some Israeli defence industries are taking part in it.