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IMI systems increases the US Army’s backlog. The U.S. Army has awarded IMI Systems a 5.7 million dollar contract to deliver decoy flares for the aircrafts in use by its Special Forces.

The spectral flares are a unique and exclusive development of IMI systems designed to be used against advanced aircraft missiles equipped with heat-seeking (IR) targeted heads and air-to-air missiles based on the same technology.

Developed in response to operational needs the flares’ uniqueness reflects an ability to cover a broad spectrum of threats which allows aircrafts to penetrate threatened areas and complete their tasks in accordance with operational requirements.

These advanced IMI’s flares are consumable, ejected from aerial platforms and are a central tier in the protection layout on fighter jets and helicopters.

IMI Systems is a national knowledge center for  the state of Israel in the area of jamming and deception tools aimed to protect aircrafts. The advanced and unique decoy flares are in an operational use by the Israeli air force. The decoy flare simulates a fighter jet / airplane in order to attract the diverted missiles thus preventing the hit and damage of the aerial platform.

This transaction joins another IMI Systems’ joint win with Raytheon Company in the tender of the US Marine Corps to develop and produce accurate mortar shell in a 98 million dollar deal. Recently the United States Department of Defense announced that the American Company Raytheon and IMI systems jointly won the Marine Corps’ prestigious tender for the development and production of an innovative, accurate, 120mm diameter, long-range GPS-guided mortar shell which was jointly developed by Raytheon, one of the world’s largest defense firms, and IMI systems, a leader in the accurate-guided munitions market.