Want A Military-Grade Secure Smartphone?

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The mobile-first organization is forced to operate in a new IT environment: compromised mobile devices, BYOD programs, and evolving cybercrime. Enterprises are struggling to protect business information and applications against cyber-attacks using deficient and fragmented solutions that were not built to withstand modern threats. These solutions expose mobile devices to modern attack vectors, turning them into soft endpoints.

CommuniTake Technologies addresses these challenges with the introduction of the Intact Mobile Security platform. CommuniTake’s game-changing platform introduces a mobile device that is totally shielded from the ground up, designed to protect the most confidential communications.

The hardened device provides trusted hardware for secure, authorized-only boot processes. The customized operating system is tightly coupled with the hardened device. It provides a security-enhanced framework and utilities that block cybercrime attack vectors, with same-day over-the-air security patches.  

The governance center manages device inventory and granular use policies, including an internal-only enterprise app store to eliminate the infection of devices caused by negligence.  The intelligent end-to-end wiretapping encryption covers the entire communications environment and blocks cutting-edge eavesdropping techniques, The security product suite provides crowd analysis, antivirus, and AppsOps management, delivering robust threat prevention. The technology enables complete remote control over the device from afar for swift recovery via security experts.

“Organizations are struggling with traditional uncorrelated endpoint defenses and are letting device holders be ‘sitting ducks’ of cybercrime. Security specialists understand that commercial BYOD cannot be fully protected. Businesses must adopt an integrated platform approach to securing mobile devices”, said Ronen Sasson, CommuniTake Technologies CEO. “Our one-of-a-kind Intact Mobile Security platform redefines mobile security. Other vendors in the industry are focusing on point solutions. Only CommuniTake provides a single platform that contains a hardened device, central governance via use policies, multiple security levels, and remote support to ensure productivity. It is developed from the hardware up to blend integration with a comprehensive multi-layered defense. The Intact platform boosts security efficacy and prevents threats at each stage of the attack kill chain. Our platform has successfully passed exhaustive penetration tests performed by governmental organizations, where other solutions have failed. The prevention-minded CISO must stand up to today’s threat landscape, and our unique solution is truly the best ever for it”.

The IntactPhone technical specifications include Octa-core CPU, 5.5″ Full HD ultra-bright display and 3GB RAM.