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Israel Police C2 Vehicle
Israel Police C2 Vehicle

By Eyal Avidov

In the modern world, first responders and military commanders require mobile functionality and flexibility during mass events and crisis scenarios.

Unfortunately, Israel has accumulated vast experience with incidents of this kind, all the way from the disastrous fire on Mount Carmel, Operation “Nube”, on up to the infiltration of terrorists at Highway number 12 as well as a full rainbow of other examples.
In order to provide on the move (OTM) command and control capabilities for various security agencies, such as police, fire brigades, first aid services, HFC and more – war rooms and situation evaluation centers must be mounted on different mobile platforms.

There is a tendency to use a vehicle as both a transmission and reception platform, as well as a mobile relay station for attached forces operating at the scene.

The vehicles are required to serve as an autonomous platform, i.e., with independent functional capacity regardless of external factors.  The command and control vehicle is expected to be equipped with maximum operational and tactical capabilities, such as video from aircraft like an unmanned aerial vehicle or helicopter.  This would enable the running of surveillance using a mast mounted camera with capabilities to provide day/night vision as well as satellite communications.

Mobile debriefing room
Mobile debriefing room

The vehicle is usually divided into three sections: driver Cabin,  assessment  compartment (targeting 8-9 commanders to manage an event / scenario, equipped with plasma screens, conference room furniture) as well as an operating cell (Ops Room) intended to contain room for 3-4 operations-room operators who will be monitoring and controlling the event. The unit will be fully equipped to accord a wide range of mobile communications to serve as a means of connecting conventional cellular networks, tactical communications networks dedicated to encrypted communications, as well as networks dedicated entirely to commercial TV.

The Command and control vehicles are equipped with generator, batteries bank, UPS systems as well as the means and ability to connect to the national grid.  The vehicles’ input’s shell permits more communication connections to be used for the attachment of forces commanders who can be joined with or connected to the commanding forces.

Vehicles in this article by MayotexPhilcar. Eyal Avidov, the auther, was the company’s CEO and is a technical and maerketing consultant

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