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So far this year we’ve written about new and exciting ways you’ll be getting to work in the near future, but now we turn to how you’ll beef up your security in 2016.

New York based EyeLock showcased two new applications of their innovative iris-recognition based tech that is sure to make our lives more convenient, easier, and yes, more secure.

Despite manufacturers’ best efforts, vehicle theft is still an incredibly frequent occurrence. This is where EyeLock comes in. The company’s iris authentication technology, once installed in a vehicle, will completely prevent it from being started by an unauthorised individual. What’s more, the identification features allow for an entirely personalised driving experience, with automatic adjustment of the driver’s seat, mirror positions, radio presets, and more.

When you leave your home, it’s only natural to sometimes worry for the valuables left behind. Luckily, there are many security cameras and products available, but one that stands ahead of the pack is the Run Stick-up Cam. Jamie Siminoff, the company’s founder, says that it “allows for full monitoring of your home in 15 minutes,” but it’s the extra features that make the $199 cam really worth it. Waterproof, battery powered, WiFi connected – the Ring camera will notify you as soon as it detects motions, so you can “yell at the burglar, get out of there, and he won’t know where you are.” You may be away from your house, but your presence can always stay at home.

For the extra home-monitoring kick, look no further than Roost’s smoke alarm upgrade. The company’s Smart Battery is an affordable and simple way to breathe some extra life and usefulness into your existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It’ll send you an alert if something wrong, and – most importantly – notify you of a low battery before the alarm inevitably starts beeping at 3AM.

Roost battery
Eyelock Iris identification

Remember we said EyeLock has two new products to look out for? Well the second one might be even more revolutionary than the first. If you’ve ever had your wallet lost or stolen, you know the stress involved with cancelling your credit cards, and wondering how long you’ll have to go without them. Meet Irving Concept, EyeLock’s new screen-less, card-less, keypad-less automated teller. Rather than carry around a wallet, all you need to do is input into the app what operation you wish to perform, scan your eye at the machine, and presto. The transactions, according to EyeLock, should take half the time than with conventional ATMs.