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With countries and governments imposing severe sanctions on the country that broke the peace in Europe, private technology companies are joining the economic war against Russia.

Following Google’s announcement that it would suspend advertisements on sites and YouTube channels calling for violence or denying the war in Ukraine, it was recently reported that Diffbot members, a startup from Stanford University that specializes in developing machine learning and computer vision algorithms, have also joined the fight against the Russian invasion, without getting up from the computer chair.

The company created an algorithm using artificial intelligence to identify companies ceased operations in the Russian Federation following the invasion of Ukraine in late February. According to Times Hub, over 650 organizations and companies have already been listed as following the new sanctions. This system scans the Internet for relevant data and organizes it into a public Knowledge Graph knowledge base using natural language processing. 

As well as assigning credibility scores and probability scores to each source, the algorithm also checks and combines information from other publications. Thus, the system reviews and combines information from other publications in order to assign credibility scores and probability scores to each source, and promotes private companies to cease offering services in the Russian Federation.

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