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Active shooter scenarios require a swift and precise response from law enforcement and emergency services to minimise casualties and to save as many lives as possible. The more information on the ongoing situation emergency services have, the better can their response be. Battelle’s SiteGuard Active Shooter Response (ASR) aims to provide an integrated, high-tech solution to protecting and saving the lives of building occupants in an active shooter scenario.

The ASR incorporates sensors with building security and communication systems to deliver critical information to emergency personnel and building occupants. When the system detects gunshots it initialises a series of predetermined automated procedures to deliver vital information for safety and response.

SiteGuard ASR automates emergency calls and mass notifications, alerting both law enforcement and individuals the system is preset to contact. The system uses advanced algorithms and data from sensors to determine the number and location of the shots, track the movement of the shooters, as well as determine their numbers and even the type of weapons. All this information can be invaluable to law enforcement in order to stop an active shooter event.

“While we may not be able to prevent these tragic shootings, we can give law enforcement technology that helps them respond more safely and effectively,” said Ed Jopeck, a Senior Program Manager for Battelle. “In 10 or 15 years building systems like SiteGuard ASR will be as common as smoke detection and fire safety systems are today. They can help authorities to locate, detect and respond to gunfire more effectively, which can help save lives.”