World Climate Crisis – Unique Opportunity for Israeli Innovation

World Climate Crisis – Unique Opportunity for Israeli Innovation

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“Climate change is an opportunity for Israel! The world is short of practical solutions – Israel has a lot to offer in this regard,” believes Ambassador Gideon Behar, Special Envoy for Climate Change and Sustainability at the Israel MInistry of Foreign Affairs, at an intriguing panel discussion during the INNOTECH international conference and exhibition organized by iHLS.

The special Min. of Foreign Affairs panel discussion, which focused on security and dual-use technologies as solutions for climate crises, dealt with a global problem that can be addressed technological solutions.

The climate change crisis has been causing disasters and emergencies, e.g. floods, wildfires, extreme weather, as well as changes such as acute droughts, food insecurity, poverty, immigration and more.

The innovative sector in Israel has technological capabilities that may help, and it seems that Israeli defense industries, as well as companies that develop advanced and dual-use technologies, including cyber, possess advanced infrastructure and systems that can be used intelligently and concretely to handle emergencies.

Shai Cohen, Special Envoy for Defense and Cyber Exports & Cooperation at Min. of Foreign Affairs: “We at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs are collaborating with security and defense projects. We help small and medium-size companies searching for opportunities to reach out to the world.” 

Dr. Tamar Moise, Head of Climate Programs at PLANETech, Israel Innovation Institute: “With Israel’s technologies, such as in the renewables field, the country can fulfill a major role in carbon emission reduction.”

“Looking ahead, we seek collaboration between startups and corporations or with governments in order to bring in open innovation from the entrepreneurship world to the corporate world!”