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Not many would argue that roaming the streets nowadays just isn’t safe. Sometimes it seems that everything around us poses a risk: crime, terror, killer robots. This is the situation throughout the world, with terror alerts rising all around Europe and the US, various strange technologies created as though solely to harm peole, and here in Israel, as if the rest is not enough, every person leaves the house equipped with whatever they can find to provide them with protection. True, this does take out a lot of creativity in people, but what happens when your nunchaku doesn’t fit in your purse? Or the rolling pin was just washed? And what happens when we come across a situation where we actually feel we need protection?

Here are a few suggestions to offer you not only a feeling of safety, but also to be the hi-tec hit among your friends.

  • A cellphone case that’s also a taser.

yellowjacket_iphone_caseHow frustrating is it when you reach out inside your handbag to pull out your taser, with only seconds seperating between you and a potential attacker, when your hand fishes out of your infinite abyss of a bag your iPhone instead? Yellow Jacket has the solution for you: An iPhone case that combines a taser. The case is equipped with a cover of electrodes so that the person carrying it wouldn’t go zapping themselves accidently, and has a very fast reaction time. Its design does not look like a weapon so you could walk with it in your hand even in the darkest of alleys.

  • A cellphone case that’s also pepper spray.


Still on the matter of iPhone cases, here is another patent by Spraytect which relies on our natural tendency to walk everywhere with our cellphone in hand. The case is made of hard material that covers the iPhone and on the back of it is a pepper spray. The case has a security mechanism installed to assure that you would not spray yourself, and is a perfect solution for those feeling a bit reluctant to go around zapping people that night.

  • A futuristic looking stun gun.

tron_stun_gunHave you seen Tron? Did you like it? Did you always want to have a gun just like in the movie? Designer Isaac Richardson wished it too. This gun is a non-lethal solution for indoor protection against intruders. The weapon uses laser and electromagnקtic waves to charge the air around the weapon with a shock wave which stuns the target, allowing you to escape the aggressor, who is neutralized for a while. But before you run to put on your futuristic suits – know that this gun is still just a concept and is not yet available for purchase.

  • A booby-trap burglar detector.


A small, simple-looking box which be placed anywhere in your home with no need for wiring is a blunt yet effective patent to guard your home from burglars. This device, called Burglar Blaster, does not require electricity and is powered by batteries which can last up to four years. The Burglar Blaster can, much like normal alarms, be activated when the residents leave home, but what’s unique about it is that when the alarm goes off alerting a burglar inside the house, the device emits pepper spray around the area – to a range of over 500 sq. meters. According to the company, when the owners return home, they don’t even need to clean the remains.