C-Dome Creates Interest In Foreign Navies

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A number of foreign navies show interest in the Rafael C-Dome system – a naval derivative of the company’s Iron Dome.

Rafael is already negotiating with some potential customers that want to deploy the Israeli company’s C-Dome system on navy ships as a close range protection against UAVs, rockets and cruise missiles.

The system will be deployed on some types of the Israeli navy’s fighting ships.

Yossi Horowitz, business development manager of Rafael’s air superiority division, said that C-Dome is a unique system that can protect vessels from a variety of threats .

The C-Dome is a ship carried version of Rafael’s iron Dome combat proven  rocket interceptor. It is designed to protect navy ships from a variety of close range aerial threats

According to the Israeli company, the C-Dome Naval Point Defense System is designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats. C-Dome handles saturation attacks by engaging multiple targets simultaneously. Reaction time is very short and enables automatic and semi-automatic engagements.

C-Dome components include a multi-round launcher assembly loaded with vertically-launched canistered  interceptors.

Horowitz explained that to save space the interceptor’s control surfaces are folded before launch.

According to the Rafael officials, the C-Dome utilizes the ship’s own surveillance radar and does not require a dedicated Fire Control Radar. “We designed the system for easy interface with existing systems and mainly radar and Weapon System Command and Control”.

C-Dome uses the combat-proven Iron Dome interceptor that has already achieved more than 1200 successful interceptions with over 90 % kill rate.

Rafael says that the Interceptors are maintenance-free, and are stored in a sea-proof canister. Up to 10 interceptors can be loaded into a modular Vertical Launcher Unit.

Interceptors are vertically launched with unrestricted 360° azimuth coverage. According to Horowitz the highly advanced warhead ensures high kill probability against a wide range of targets. The C-Dome interceptor is extremely agile and with a high rate-of-turn enabling interception of even the most maneuverable targets. Its state-of-the-art proximity fuse maximizes lethality and its powerful warhead ensures target destruction.

C-Dome has a small footprint and can be integrated on small ships, including Off-Shore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and small Corvettes.

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