Turkey To Fly aerostats along Syrian Border To Counter IS Threat

Turkey To Fly aerostats along Syrian Border To Counter IS Threat

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Turkey plans to beef up border security by flying aerostats and building two-fence border system as part of an ‘integrated system’ plan to secure ‘critical parts of border’ to counter ISIL threat.

According to Defense World Net , Turkey will be beefing up security along the Syrian borders to block Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists’ transit points after the international community accused the nation of not doing its best to stop the flow of foreign fighters from Turkey to its neighbors.

“What is important in the face of Daesh (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – ISIL) is to block the terrorists’ transit points and to have physical obstacles to this. A physical security system will be established at the border,” Deputy Prime Minister was quoted as saying by Hurriyet news daily during a break from a cabinet meeting attended by the commander of Turkey’s ground forces on July 22.

He said they discussed implementing an “integrated system” to secure “critical parts of the border” with war-torn Syria to counter the threat of ISIL, adding those measures would not include building walls between the people of two countries.

Compared to drones, aerostats bring about several advantages for border surveillance. They are able to stay stationary in the air and at higher altitudes, thereby covering a greater area.

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