Israeli made radars will be maintained in Brazil

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RADAR 2South America is becoming a big potential market for Israeli made defense systems and the Israeli manufacturers increase their presence in the region.

Elta , the electronics subsidiary of Israel aerospace industries (IAI), has teamed with IACIT from Brazil and established a radar maintenance center in this country.

In recent years ELTA has supplied some types of its airborne radars to the Brazilian airforce – the company’s EL/M-2022 is carried by the Brazilian P-3’S and C-295.

It provides detection, tracking, classification and identification of maritime and airborne targets in high sea states and high-density environments, Elta says. The radar can provide 360˚ coverage, depending on its installed configuration, and produce synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and inverse SAR imagery.

Through the cooperation with IACIT , Elta hopes to sell the advanced versions of its ELL-8212/22 Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) Pods, for fighter aircraft protection.


According to Elta , the pod is designed to enhance survivability of fighters and other military aircraft operating in dense radar-guided weapon systems environment. The ECM Pods provide mission oriented protection and allow easy reprogramming on flight-line, as well as operation adaptability to the current threat scenarios.

The  capabilities of the ELL-8212/22 ECM Pods against groud-air and air-air missiles have created a big demand in western and eastern airforces.

Now Elta through the cooperation with IACIT, plan to sell it to Brazilian and other customers in Latin America.