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משקףThe new protective kit comes complete with: helmet, earplugs, ceramic vest and goggles – lessons of “Operation Protective Edge”.

IDF infantry units are to be fitted with a new protective kit based on lessons drawn from the recent “Operation Protective Edge”, designed to provide ground forces better protection, light shielding and improvements in body, ear, eyes and head protection.

IDF Ground Arm Command (GOC) website reports the new kit comprises a new helmet, sophisticated earplugs, a light ceramic vest and innovative goggles. These upgrades and improvements have been introduced as part of the lessons drawn following “Operation Protective Edge”:

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  • Ceramic vest: the new model will weigh 15% less than the current one in use, it will be ventilated and easy to wear. Soldiers will be able to wear a Flak jacket over the ceramic vest. So far, 400 new units have already been ordered, with purchase orders for 20 thousand units in mind.
  • Protective goggles: some 90 thousand units will be provided to infantry units over the next 5 years. Each kit comprises to pairs, one for daylight fighting, and the other for fighting at night and inside buildings. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, they do not shatter when hit by shrapnel, and they also feature improved visibility. Soldiers with optical glasses will receive protective kits with personally fitted lenses.
  • Earplugs and helmet: the new foam-based plugs are small, consisting of a specially patented feature developed by the GOC’s weaponry department and the Medical Corps. The plug contains a small plastic tube which allows the soldier to control the degree of noise he or she hear. The tube transmits sound but not gun fire, and explosions will be muffled. The new earplug reduces environmental noises by 30Db.

The helmet, which is still under development, will be 15% lighter than the current one in use. It feature improved head protection to IDF fighters.