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מערכת CIMS. התמונה באדיבות תע
CIMS. Image courtesy of IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled its new CIMS (Counter IED and Mine Suite) – an integrated suite of sensors for protection of tactical maneuvering vehicles.

Although mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are hardly new, the use of these devices has become a matter of concern for modern armies both in conventional and assymetric warfare. The CIMS suite was designed under the premise that no one sensor can provide the adequate probability of detection and low false-alarm rate required by today’s operational needs.

The CIMS suite detects both surface and underground IEDs, mines, and roadside bombs, and consists of an ADS – Above-surface Detection System, and MIDS – underground Mine and IED Detection System.

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The ADS includes a groundbreaking side-looking SAR radar, high-resolution optical detection system and an infrared multispectral investigation system. MIDS comprises a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and a magnetic detector.

Integration of the sensor suite through a central processing and management system delivers accurate synergetic real-time mapping of IED threats to the warfighter, requiring minimal training and decision-making. The CIMS suite and its subsystems can be adapted to any combat tactical vehicle.

“CIMS was designed first and foremost to save lives,” said Nissim Hadas, IAI VP & ELTA President. “Our combination of unique sensors allows a simple and highly effective mine and IED detection system to be provided to forward forces. We see huge potential for this system and consider it to be a groundbreaking solution.”