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18315594_m egozi featureIn case anyone had a doubt, ISIS is already here.

Last night on Channel 10, the promo for Zvi Yehezkeli’s new documentary series about this murderous terror organization featured ISIS activities on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, waving ISIS flags. They are already here, and they are not afraid. Do you find this surprising? I do not. There are numerous signs extreme Islamic terrorism is permeating Israel. Nevertheless, a cabinet of eight ministers does not seem able to decide what day it is, so they leak the details of their argument to the media right after they are done squabbling.

President Obama is yet to formulate any policy against ISIS, and I sincerely hope that Israel wakes up soon enough, before it is too late. Mad, extremist Islam is already here: not on the border, but rather inside Israel proper. Someone here fell asleep on the job.

NATO members are gathering in the UK today, to formulate their strategy against ISIS. Well, it’s about time, dear friends. Here is your viable strategy: US B-52 bombers. They are rather old, albeit lethal, complete with dozens of tons of bombs.

It does not take a great deal of sophistication. The only way to vanquish madmen is to go berserk.

ISIS Flag on Temple Mount
ISIS Flag on Temple Mount


A senior IDF officer admitted yesterday the IDF did not assess Hamas strength in the course of the recent campaign properly, and that Hamas surprised Israel. So let me say this: Israel’s intelligence failed on a number of fronts, and this does not bode well.

Israeli intelligence did not know, and it still does not know, exactly how many attack tunnels there are in Gaza. Israel’s intelligence was also unaware of the extent of Hamas’s use of mortars. There are quite a few more things that escaped Israel’s intelligence, but they are classified. And this front is right under our noses.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

These facts are alarming. They might have to do with Israel’s arrogance, “we know and we are strong”. Well, that really is not the case. Hardly.


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expressed its concern over Iran’s nuclear program. Well, a very good morning to you, oh fine gentlemen in Vienna. You seem to be ignorant of the fact that for years now, Teheran is pulling the wool over your eyes. They seem to be enjoying this, as anyone and everyone knows Iran is racing towards its own nuclear bomb, and everything else is just hogwash.

So keep it up, you there in Vienna, keep voicing your concern. Iran will have its bomb and no one is going to do anything about it.

The same goes for Syria’s chemical weapons. The world rejoiced in view of the so called “destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons”, same as in Iran. Oh, sweet lies. Syria still has chemical weapons, which mad terrorist organizations can still get hold of.


Despite the fact that terrorism is intensifying all around us, security measures seem lax in quite a number of aspects of our daily lives. I see it every day. Security forces are going through the motions, but they are not really doing their job. So before the next catastrophe, someone must explain to those in charge, that they are getting paid to do their job, rather than for the sake of their salaries. This is not Switzerland, you know. In this neighborhood, terror may strike at any moment, so we must be vigilant. Otherwise, we get hit.

We have our Ministry of the Interior and our Home Front Defense Ministry, complete with functionaries and offices and cars. So kindly do shuffle over and see for yourselves where serious blunders abound.