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  • news 450 by 339A video that shows the beheading of American Steven Sotloff was delivered as a “second message to America” to halt airstrikes in Iraq, following through on a threat to kill the journalist. In the video posted Tuesday online, Sotloff says that he is “paying the price” for U.S. military intervention.
  • The  FBI is investigating allegations that intimate embarrassing pictures of about 20 US celebrities, including actress Jennifer Lawrence, were hacked and leaked from the internet. Images were obtained from services like as cloud Apple.
  • Nokia’s Here mapping service will soon appear on Samsung’s smart phones. Both companies agreed an Android application of Nokia’s Here maps will appear on Samsung’s handsets and gear S smart phones.
  • Internet around the world has been recently slowed down in what security experts describe as the biggest cyber attack in history. The reason: A row between the spam fighting group  Spamhouse and the web host company CYberbunker, which claims it will host anything except child pornography and terror related material.
  • Saudia Arabia says it has arrested 88 men who are suspected of being part of an El Qaeda cell that was plotting attacks inside and outside the kingdom. Three of the suspects are Yemenites and all the rest Saudis.
  • General Motors (GM) is set to introduce vehicles with facial recognition technology, in an effort to combat distracted driving. The system uses a camera to monitor head movement and eye blink, so it can see when a driver is dozing off behind the wheel.
  • Iran has discovered plots by foreign spies  to recruit its nuclear scientists and stopped sabotage attempts through faulty equipment supplied to its facilities. Asghar Zarean, deputy head of Iran’s nuclear department specifically mentioned  that his country suffered computer attacks “by Israel, the US and its allies”.