ISIS Horrors – Madmen of the World Unite!

ISIS claims to behead second US journalist

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ISIS claims to behead second US journalist
ISIS claims to behead second US journalist

ISIS, ISIL, Islamic Nation and so on have become synonymous with horrors, mass executions and rivers of blood which have all been featured on the social media at an unprecedented scale. Yesterday (Sept 2, 2014) The ISIS has published another video titled “A second message to America,” showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

A line of bound and blindfolded captives, all almost entirely naked, marching towards their death. This has been the recent weekly dosage of footage and videos from the organization which calls itself ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Other videos soon followed suit, featuring children that had been shot and civilians who had been crucified.

It seems the horror knows no bounds, and the media is literally helping this terrorist organization deliver its horrific message, to incur fear and loathing among its petrified adversaries and to threaten the Western governments, whose eyes are wide shut.

Unlike other ethno-religious conflicts that have waged in the course of the recent decade and have been led by homogenous groups, it seems the current campaign is awash with criminally insane elements from all over the world, comprising of rapists and professional killers, decapitators and crucifiers, child-murderers and child rapists – all hailing from the Arab World and the West, from every corner on earth – who have all come together to act their perversions out more than to make Islamic Sunna dominant.

The Western World is hardly challenging this heinous phenomenon of rampant barbarism, of streets awash with blood and remnants of nations falling into the hands of those who seem, at least judging by the videos they themselves make sure to publish, as Satan incarnate. The world’s equanimity may result from the general lack of interest in what is perceived as an internal Islamic conflict taking place in the Middle East and posing no threat to the West’s energy supply, and is in fact a menace to no international interest.

The decapitation of an American photojournalist and the deaths of a few more British subjects hardly amount to events that Western powers cannot contain. Thus, aside from arming this esoteric local militia or another, the West hardly lifted a finger and has not helped in defeating this outrageous organization and eradicating it.

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It may very well be that the final analysis of the death toll does not escape those in Washington, Berlin, Paris and London. After all, a bloody war that depletes the number of combatants, Sunni and Shia alike, may not be unpalatable in Christian eyes, that loath either side in equal measure.

As an organization which is completely oblivious to Western ethics or international norms, and in particular in a bid to position itself as such, as well as in order to attain priceless assets, including the spread of fear and terror in its wake, ISIS forcibly attacked a UN garrison, took possession of its arms, captured its men and is now holding them for ransom. As an organization that is rich enough, degenerate and devoid of any relevance other than ceremonies, there is no doubt the chance to use it to garner respect and means, through abduction and ransom, was a clever and creative idea on the part of ISIS operations officers.

ISIS is taking advantage of the momentum, which comprises of, inter alia, fresh fear and the warm blood running through the cities it took over. ISIS’s plans to pressure Egypt from the east (Sinai) and from the west (Libya) have not remained theoretical, and it is placing a great deal of effort in undermining the regime of its nemesis el-Sisi. At the same time, ISIS forces are approaching Turkey, making headway along Syria’s south-eastern border and are causing the Jordanians to re-demarcate their borders further westward and even southward by quite a few miles each passing day.

One cannot but admit that after a few months into its campaign, ISIS has changed the face of the Middle East beyond recognition. Geo-politically speaking, a number of borders have been redrawn, but worse still are the rivers of blood and fumes of madness that have shaped global public opinion, conditioning it to the new standard of horrors. The videos on YouTube and other social media, which have millions of viewers, set a new level of madness for the human kind when it comes to the quagmire of the Middle East on the one hand, and the (relatively) Western island of prosperity and democracy in Israel, which is attempting to survive in the harsh Levant, on the other.