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  • HomeLand security world newsWhere do they come from? CNN mapped origin countries of jihadists who travel  to fight in Syria and Iraq: Tunisia 3,000, Saudia Arabia 2,300, Morocco 1,500, Russia 800, France 700, Australia and Belgium 250, Canada and Finland  30, Denmark 100, Holland 120, Sweden 30, Spain 50, Switzerland 10, Turkey 400, The UK  500, The US 100, Singapore 1.
  • A  video produced by ISIS “for its young recruits” showed a 13 years old boy holding an AK-47. This boy later fled with his family to Turkey, where he told horrific stories of a woman stoned to death and a young man crucified for 3 days for not fasting in  Ramadan.
  • The IDF killed an ISIS  terrorist, a Saudi national, who sneaked into the Gaza strip through an underground tunnel to fight with Hamas.  The London based El Hayat newspaper identifies him as Sultan Farhan Raja al-Harbi, who was killed in an Israeli Air Force strike while driving in a car in Gaza with 3 other terrorists.
  • Airlines are to provide more information on passengers to intelligence services as part of new plans to fight terror in the UK. Sky News reports this is one of the steps to be taken by David Cameron’s government. Other plans under consideration is to seize the British passports of foreign fighters at the  UK borders.
  • The world responds  to the Ebola outbreak in a disasterous way, which means many people are dying needlessly, claims the president of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim. Nigeria confirmed another case of the virus.
  • US military forces yesterday carried out an operation against Al Sabaab Islamic  militants in Somalia, says the Pentagon  spokesman with no details. Al Shaabab militants are affiliated t El Kaida.