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Illustration photo (123rf)
Illustration photo (123rf)

South Korea pointed to North Korea as a strong suspect in a probe into where two crashed drones—one of which reportedly neared the presidential office in Seoul—came from.

Seoul on Wednesday disclosed the photos of a pair of unidentified drones—one found on Baengnyeong Island in the Yellow Sea Monday after the two Koreas traded hundreds of rounds of artillery fire in the area, and the other in Paju, north of Seoul on March 24. A joint investigation team of military, intelligence and aeronautics experts were looking into the unmanned aerial vehicles to draw a final conclusion on their origin, the defense ministry in Seoul said.

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The final investigation results have yet to come out, but a review is underway that North Korea is thought to have done it,” South Korean presidential spokesman Min Kyung-Wook told reporters. Seoul’s defense ministry declined to give details of the ongoing probe, while disclosing photographs of the wrecked drones under scrutiny.

According to sUAS both drones were painted light blue and looked like model aircraft with cameras built in. One discovered in Paju measures 1.43 meters (4.7 feet) long and weighs 15 kilograms (33 pounds) while the other recovered from Baengnyeong Island is 1.83 meters in length and 12.7 kilograms in weight, the defense ministry in Seoul said.