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iStock_000019033750MediumIndia’s homeland security market is expected to be worth 9 billion US$ by 2018, according to a recent assessment. This will bring more Israeli companies to offer their hardware in this market. Spurred by the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and subsequent assaults — including bombings in that city, India is rapidly overhauling its security apparatus, creating a gaping appetite for homeland security expertise and technology.

This has brought American and European companies and diplomats to try and get a share of the huge contracts expected in the coming years. India needs almost all “tools” of homeland security and this brings many companies to offer their systems.

Currently, Israel companies are making efforts to join forces with local companies in India to improve their chances to win contracts.

The Indian offset rules are very strict and unlike in the past require not only the transfer of work but the transfer of knowhow. This sometime is a hurdle because the Israeli companies have to get export licenses for these technologies.