Safer Operation – Thanks to New Airport Baggage Platform

Safer Operation – Thanks to New Airport Baggage Platform

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A new airport luggage handling solution is said to accelerate speed and safety. Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport operator Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) in India has commenced the installation of an integrated cart system (ICS) at the airport’s Terminal-1.

The radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled ICS ensures error-less sorting of baggage,.

The system is expected to “optimize the daily baggage operation for the airport and airlines, but it also means safety to passengers’ baggage,” the company said.

The solution can process up to 6,000 bags an hour and will run at a speed of 2.1m per second. The current conveyor system at the terminal has the capacity to function at a speed of 0.5m per second.

During the transportation procedure, from check-in islands to baggage make-up area, each bag will remain within the confines of its carrier tray (cart) completely. This will minimize the risk of loss and damage to luggage, as well as disruption to the solution caused by a strap or other baggage-related issues, according to

DIAL added: “The highly automated and complex system of ICS also enhances passengers’ experience by ensuring that the right baggage reaches the right flight seamlessly and safely soon after a passenger hands over its baggage.”

The system’s deployment is expected to bring uniformity to the baggage handling process at Delhi International Airport and help in enabling a more reliable operation at a higher speed with better throughput ensuring errorless baggage sorting, as reported by